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Our sought after Hairline Rescue Range is  formulated  to  assist  with  hairline  recovery as well as sustain and protect a healthy scalp.

Hair is undoubtedly one of the most important traits to a woman, its it not only associated to female beauty but healthy hair also serves as an indicator of ones health and nutrition. Thus hair loss of any kind can become an incredibly traumatic experience for any woman.

There are many contributors of hair loss that range from Genetics, Diseases, Mechanical stressors, Stress, and Medication, to name a few. Oftentimes the most common of all cause of hair loss is the direct result of things we do to our own hair,  such as, constant and inappropriate chemical processing, hairstyling ( i.e. tight braids, tight weaves, excessive hairline combing and blow drying), as well as poor diet.

BBELUX HAIRLINE RESCUE distinctive formulation uses the finest ingredients that repairs and promotes the revival and restoration of hair.